About ökoform

A new dawn in desk technology

The ökoform desk is our latest innovation which provides a stylish and practical desk with a built-in heating solution.

Why, you ask? Let us explain.

Before founding ökoform, the founder, Peter Waine, spent over 15 years in commercial office & interior design to help organisations make the most of their space, help increase staff morale, well-being, comfort, and productivity.

During this time, Peter noticed a disparity with heating individuals in the workplace. There would often be disagreements about the temperature of the office; some people prefer a warm working environment while others like it cool. This disagreement is commonly known as a 'thermostat war'.

Our desks perform well in shared offices where workers can warm themselves if they're not happy with the ambient temperature.

It's a great solution if you're working in a cold room and don't want the expense of using a fan heater or heating the entire space.

By the time you're done making a cup of tea, your ökoform desk will already be warm and helping you to save money on your electricity and gas.

Fighting over the thermostat will be a thing of the past.

turning down thermostat

Reducing the carbon footprint

one desk at a time

Save on your energy bill

According to the Carbon Trust you can save 8% on your energy bill for every degree you turn your heating down.

Warming not wasteful

The average desk fan heater uses between 2500-3000 watts. At just 260 watts, our desks are 90% cheaper to run.

Boosts productivity

When you're cold you spend energy keeping warm rather than focusing on work. Being warm makes you more productive.

A happy environment

Warm environments don't just boost productivity they make us happier. And happier people are 13% more productive.

The body benefits

Radiant heat promotes better circulation which helps tired muscles and joints relax and can alleviate pain or soreness.