the ökoform heated desk

the ökoform heated desk

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Want a heated desk that's also height adjustable? Choose the miniöko-up.

✔ Sit or stand
✔ Reduce back pain
✔ Increase productivity
✔ Lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders

The miniöko-up frame is from 645 to 1305mm high

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Want a heated desk that's static? Choose the miniöko.

✔ Static frame
✔ Neat, tidy, & compact
✔ The economical choice
✔ Customisable to suit any office

The bench frame is 733mm high

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How We Compare

Smart Technology

Targeted Heat

Robust Construction

Durable and Supportive

Designed for You

Stylish and Functional

Save Money

With energy prices rising rapidly, any saving you make adds up. You can save 8% on your energy bill for every degree you turn down your heating (Carbon Trust), and with a heated desk you may not need to turn on your heating at all!

Save Energy

Compared with alternative heating solutions the okoform desk uses electricity much more efficiently. At just 260 watts, our desks are 90% cheaper to run than the average 2500-3000 watt desk fan heater.

Boost Your Productivity

When you're cold you spend energy keeping warm rather than focusing on work. Warm environments don't just boost productivity they make us happier. And happier people are 13% more productive.

Long-Term Value

Invest in enduring warmth and savings. OKOFORM's Heated Desks offer a cost-effectivelong-term solution with reduced energy consumption, promising both comfort and economic benefits.

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Space-Saving Synergy

Say goodbye to bulky heaters and hello to a streamlined workspace. OKOFORM's Heated
Desks seamlessly integrate warmth into the furniture you already love, optimizing your space without compromising on comfort.

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Personalized Warmth

Tailor your comfort with adjustable settings on our Heated Desks. From subtle warmth to toasty coziness, find the perfect temperature that suits your individual preferences and transforms your workspace.

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But don't just take our word for it...


Great product! Does exactly what it says. No need to crank up the heating or plug in the fan heater. 👍

Tom W

United Kingdom


Great piece of kit, warmed up my small office space very efficiently and was nice to work on in the cold Winter months! Cannot recommend enough!

Robert W

United Kingdom


Not only are Okoform desks stylish, but they are heated! An absolute lifesaver for the cold winter months when I have a very cold room!

Sophie K

United Kingdom


In this day and age of all manner of crisis - it was great to be able to order something bespoke and to receive it in days! Looking forward to using it over the winter as working from home becomes the norm.



Mini desk heater

Transform your workspace into a haven of warmth with our versatile line of Heated Desks, including the "Bench" and "OKO Pro desk." The Bench offers a stable and fixed height, providing a reliable solution for those seeking a cozy workspace without the need for adjustability. 

On the other hand, the OKO Pro takes flexibility to the next level with its height-adjustable design, allowing you to customize your desk to your preferred level.

Both the Bench and OKO Pro are part of our Mini Desk Heater Desks collection, providing targeted warmth where you need it most. Compact yet powerful, these desks seamlessly integrate heating technology, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable throughout your workday. 

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and warmth as you choose between the steadfast stability of the Bench or the customizable heights of the OKO Pro. Elevate your workspace and embrace the future of efficient, personalized warmth with OKOFORM.

One great thing is that you can also purchase a heated version of these desks. Simply click the link, and you will be redirected to heated desks, featuring both adjustable and non-adjustable options

Under desk heater

OKOFORM Heated Desks – not just a workspace upgrade but a game-changer in the realm of under desk heaters. 

Our desks boast a built-in heating system that extends beyond the upper surface, enveloping your feet and legs in a cocoon of warmth. 

This unique feature transforms your workspace into a cozy haven, providing targeted heating where it matters most.

What sets OKOFORM apart is its pioneering use of technology – we are among the first to seamlessly integrate an under desk heater into our design.

 Experience the future of warmth without the need for additional heating devices cluttering your workspace. 

Remarkably, this cutting-edge under desk heating system is incredibly energy-efficient, consuming only 260 watts. Embrace the warmth, optimize your comfort, and redefine your workspace with OKOFORM's Heated Desks – where innovation meets efficiency.

Best Desk Top Heater In UK

At OKOFORM, we redefine warmth with our innovative approach to desk-top heating. Our Heated Desks go beyond conventional heating methods by seamlessly integrating warmth into the desk's surface. 

This groundbreaking design ensures that your entire workspace, including the desk top, becomes a source of comforting heat.

Picture a workspace where not only your hands but the entire desk surface is gently warmed, creating an inviting environment for productivity. The desk-top heating feature on OKOFORM's Heated Desks extends warmth to your hands, keeping them comfortably snug even during the coldest days.

Say goodbye to the chill that often accompanies desk work. OKOFORM's desk-top heating transforms your workspace into a cozy haven, promoting not just warmth but a new level of comfort and efficiency. Explore the future of workspace heating with OKOFORM, where every inch of your desk becomes a source of soothing warmth.

Desk Over Radiator

Discover Okoform's cutting-edge furniture with our exclusive desk over radiator designs.

Elevate your home or office setup with our stylish Home and office desks over radiator, seamlessly integrating comfort and functionality.

The heated desk feature ensures a cozy work environment during colder days. Okoform's commitment to innovation is evident in every detail, making our furniture a perfect blend of form and function.

Portable desk heater

Transform your workspace into a haven of warmth with OKOFORM's Portable Heated Desk.

Engineered for convenience, these desks are designed to be your go-to solution for staying warm wherever work takes you.

Crafted with portability in mind, OKOFORM's Portable Heated Desks are lightweight and easy to assemble, ensuring that warmth is never out of reach. Whether you're working from home, a coworking space, or a temporary setup, experience the luxury of a cozy workspace that moves with you.

The sleek design of our portable desks doesn't compromise on efficiency. Despite their lightweight nature, they deliver the same powerful and cost-effective warmth that defines OKOFORM's commitment to innovation. Elevate your on-the-go work experience with the comfort and versatility of OKOFORM's Portable Heated Desks, where warmth and mobility unite to create a workspace that adapts to your needs.

Office Desk heater

Welcome to a new era of workplace comfort with OKOFORM's Desk Heater for Office. As we redefine the way you experience warmth, our cutting-edge technology ensures a cozy and productive environment right at your desk.

A personal desk heater is a compact and efficient solution, providing targeted warmth for individual comfort in workspaces. With adjustable settings and advanced safety features, it offers convenience and flexibility. Placed on desks, these heaters enhance focus and productivity during colder seasons.

Precision Heating for Individual Workstations

Say goodbye to chilly office spaces and welcome a personal oasis of warmth. Our Desk Heater for Office is meticulously designed to provide targeted heat, ensuring that you stay comfortably warm without affecting your colleagues.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

Embrace efficiency with our compact yet powerful desk heater. The sleek design seamlessly integrates into your workspace, offering a discrete heating solution that doesn't compromise on performance.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Experience the perfect balance of warmth and savings. OKOFORM's Desk Heater for Office is not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective, reducing your overall heating expenses while maintaining a comfortable work environment.

Adjustable Settings for Personalized Comfort

Tailor your warmth to perfection with adjustable settings. Whether you prefer a gentle heat during a mild day or a cozy warmth on a colder afternoon, our desk heater allows you to customize your workspace climate.