The Desks

The heat is on

ökoform lets you control the temperature of your working environment.

Our desks heat people and objects rather than the air, meaning the heat is contained to the individual workspace instead of the entire room. The desks are designed so that the heat is directed down underneath the desk by using insulation with radiant heat technology. This way we can avoid warming objects on top of the desk and warms legs and bodies instead.

In addition to being a localised heating option, the desks are also sleek, stylish, and incredibly simple to use. If you prefer a sit-stand desk with the added benefits for posture, we have one of those too!

The Tops

Manufactured in the UK

The miniöko-up

Want a heated desk that's also height adjustable? Choose the miniöko-up.

✔ Sit or stand
✔ Reduce back pain
✔ Increase productivity
✔ Lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders

The miniöko-up frame is from 734 to 1234mm high

Tabletop 1200 x 600mm

Bespoke tabletop sizes available

The miniöko

Want a heated desk that's static? Choose the miniöko.

✔ Static frame
✔ Neat, tidy, & compact
✔ The economical choice
✔ Customisable to suit any home

The miniöko frame is 733mm high

Tabletop 1200 x 600mm

Bespoke tabletop sizes available

Completely customisable

Sure, your ökoform heated desk will keep you toasty, but how will it look?

That's up to you. Choose from a range of static or height-adjustable frames and stylish finishes in white, black, or oak.

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